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The Region

    pineclipThe Pines Bed and Breakfast is situated in area where the possibilities for entertainment seem endless.  The Elkader Community prides itself in being a favorite “get away spot” for many people trying to take a break from the hustle and bustle of larger city life.  Follow the following links to get a taste of what is going on throughout the region.

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Elkader Opera House


Elkader Chamber of Commerce

Carter House Museum

Turkey River Mall

Motor Mill

Osborne Nature Center


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Our region is also home to Big Spring Trout Hatchery. Thousands of people each year take there turn at canoeing one of the most scenic rivers in Northeast Iowa the Turkey River, which flows past Big Springs through the town of Elkader and right past the scenic Motor Mill.

This area is rich in natural resources and is home to many parks and public hunting areas. The Pony Hollow Trail positioned on the edge of town is great for walking, running and biking. The Elkader Golf and Country Club welcomes out of town golfers and is a great little nine hole course, and is considered one of the most scenic throughout Northeast Iowa. 

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