Travel in the Drôme, in the open air

Posted on September 16, 2020 at 3:17 p.m.

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After months of thwarted freedom of movement, head for the Drôme countryside from farm to farm with the sole common thread, the rhythm of our desires and of life… in a motorhome.A confinement of a different kind.

Be surprised in your sleep by a loud bray, open the shutter and come face to face with a herd of donkeys basking in the dust of a straw-colored meadow.Believe that you have woken up in the skin of Karen Blixen , in the middle of the African savannah… before our aching back reminds us that last night, we fell asleep in the bunk of a motorhome in the Drôme, near Albon.

Donkeys belong to Patrick Vallet, a former dairy cow breeder converted to donkeys, whose daughter makes gentle milk-based cosmetics.hours on their estate, the breeder welcomed us with open arms the day before, offering to park in the immense meadow adjoining his farm, alone among the donkeys.

When you wake up, after the wonder of being alone in the heart of nature, it's always the same ritual: tidying up, because to ride, everything, really everything, must be in its place!

Because it is in an improved van that we decided to discover the Drôme as a family, from farm to farm.No lodging, no hotel, no guest room, but a house that works: like many French people (twice as many in 2019), the option seemed relevant to us, in these times of pandemic.We could not imagine living in seven days a condensed of this so particular spring: four in a 12 m3 van, in a constant promiscuity (especially on rainy evenings).On the other, a total deconfinement, in the middle of fields and vines, sometimes without crossing a living soul, making the feeling of the freedom that an even more exhilarating motorhome trip provides.

Posted Date: 2020-09-28

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